How Do You Find Direction In Uncertain Times

For us, the answer lies in confidence. The elusive art of finding your footing in uncertain times and uncomfortable conditions. As we move into the winter months of 2021, in a climate filled with optimism for the future, we introduce the Appliqué Capsule Collection

A collection we hope inspires the self confidence needed to tackle the challenges that lie ahead for all those bold enough to pursue their dreams. The exhibition to follow digs deep into the world of contemporary art and brings to life images of supreme confidence in representation of the Appliqué collection. Largely inspired by the works of Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, world renowned artist chosen to paint the official portraits of former president and first lady Barack and Michelle Obama.



The subject of a portrait painted by Amy Sherald in 2016, Pythagore appears once again confidently wearing the Appliqué collection and holding the unavoidable gaze Amy’s portraits are known for.  

Michelle Obama, Amy Sherald, 2018 

Pythagore, Amy Sherald, 2016 

Pythagore in AlphaStyle's Appliqué collection



Once painted by Brooklyn based artist Taha Clayton, this portrait pulls direct inspiration from the works of Kehinde Wiley, known for recontextual izing c las s i cal European portraiture by inserting contemporary people of color into vividly lush backdrops. 

 Taha Clayton, Sage, 2019 

Kehinde Wiley, President Barack Obama, 2018 

MikeFlo in AlphaStyle's Appliqué collection 


The collection is available to buy now from selected stockists and AlphaStyle webstore.




How Do You Find Direction In Uncertain Times
For us, it’s confidence; the elusive art of finding your footing in uncertain and challenging times.
The Applique Collection campaign is inspired by confident, bold individuals who refuse to conform. Live your vision, your dream, your life.